[GW2] DX11サポートするかも?



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For those of you who have been asking about DX11 support for Guild Wars 2, our goal with GW2 has always been to provide a gorgeous fantasy world while at the same time running on a wide range of gaming PCs.

Focusing on DX9 allows us to do this, as it’s a much wider supported graphics API than DX11 is and we wanted our game to reach as many of our fans as possible.

We will be evaluating supporting DX11 post launch. ~RB2

機械翻訳でしか読めないので細かい意味は分からないのだが、幅広くプレイしてもらうためにGW2はDX9で作ってるよ ってのはわかるのだが、DX11に関してはどうなのかなぁ・・

はっきりと否定もしてないようなので、将来的にはサポートする・・かも? って認識でいいのかな。