[GW2] The Nightmares Within リリース

GuildWars2GW2-The Nightmares Within

現地時間11/12に The Nightmares Within が実装。

The Nightmares within

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[ Guild Wars 2 Forum – Game Release Notes – Game Update Notes – November 12, 2013 ]


All permanent gathering tools will now be account bound rather than soulbound. For one week, account-bound versions of the Jack-in-the-Box Scythe and Bone Pick gathering tools will be available in the Services category of the Gem Store for 1000 gems each.

Previously purchased permanent gathering tools can be upgraded to account-bound versions by unequipping them and bringing them to a Black Lion Weapons Specialist.



ただしその分価格としては200GEM値上げの1,000GEM。 ま、そのくらいは…ね。

でもソウルバンド版を持っているのであれば、Black Lion Weapons Specialist にてソウルバウンド版をアカウントバウンド版に交換してくれる。とのこと。やったね。